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Best Thermos – Our Top Selection

When you are out on an adventure, there is not much that beats sitting down and having a steaming hot drink. If it is in the summer, you may instead want the drink to be chilled and wonderfully healthy.

Regardless of the temperature you want on the drink, a good thermos can ensure that the drink maintains the same temperature for a long time. The thermos is not a new invention directly, it has actually been around since the end of the 19th century.

The fact is, however, that small improvements are made all the time, which makes the thermoses easier to carry while keeping the temperature better. Maybe it’s time to replace your old faithful servant and invest in a modern and efficient thermos?

Best Thermos

1. Stanley Classics Bottle 1 L

  • Most beautiful
  • Very high quality
  • Available in sizes from 0.7 liters to 1.9 liters, with or without handles

Stanley manufactures high quality thermoses that are very popular with its users. After using these thermos for a while, we can really understand why their thermos is so popular.

This product exudes quality right through. In addition, this is, in our opinion, one of the nicest thermoses you can get. With this thermos on the go with your friends to outdoor professionals, you do not need to be ashamed.

This thermos is very durable. Needless to say, it is eminent for keeping the temperature of your drink for a very long time. This is a product made of high quality stainless steel. The thermos is completely free of BPA.

The lid is extra insulated precisely to make it extra effective to keep the drink warm or cold for longer periods. The lid is also completely leak-proof. Stanley thermoses in this series are available in several different sizes, all with the same good properties.

We especially like the slightly larger models that have a practical and stylish handle that facilitates serving from the thermos. The only downside to Stanley’s thermoses is that their prices are higher than average.

2. Urberg Double Wall 530 Ml

  • Cheap
  • Functional and easy to use

This is a cheap but efficient thermos from Urberg. This thermos does not quite have the same quality as the slightly more expensive brands, but it does a good job considering that the price is low.

The lid is BPA-free plastic does an excellent job of holding tight, we have not experienced any leakage despite long walks with the thermos. There is a loop on the cork that makes it easy to carry the thermos, by hand or why not attach it to the clothes or bag.

How Did the Test Work?

Since we in the team all like to be out hiking, we had a lot of our own thermoses to include in the test. We also did research online regarding which thermoses seem to be the most popular.

We, therefore, bought a number of complementary thermoses that we thought should be included in the test. Step two was to perform a temperature test. The most important task of a thermos is of course to keep the temperature of its contents as good and as long as possible.

By measuring the temperature of the contents at regular intervals, we saw which thermoses were best for their task. We have also used all our thermoses in real life to see how they work in a practical way.

Our best-in-test top list is a balanced assessment of a number of factors such as temperature retention, quality feel, functionality and design. We have also taken into account the prices of the products in relation to what you actually get for your money.

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