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Black Series Japanese Knife Set 

Next on the list, we have the Black Series Japanese Knife Set, also this product from the brand QKnives. This is a set that gives you four different high-quality knives that will be perfect whether you have cooking experience or not. 67 layers of carbon steel together with the use of the Damascus method have ensured that these knives have a hardness of as much as 62 HRC.

Enjoy an impressive package with a chef’s knife, santoku knife, utility knife, and an herbal knife that together will complete your kitchen.

Good to Know About Black Series Japanese Knife Set

Black Series Japanese Knife Set is a package that contains four elegant knives for different purposes. Each knife comes equipped with a stylish handle in a black color that is made of the composite material G-10.

Of course, a big advantage of these knives is, the previously mentioned 67 steel bearings, which guarantee that the knives will really last for a long time to come. Get a stable grip thanks to the ergonomic handle and also enjoy their really nice damask look that will only be the crown of the work.

The Knives Included

When you order the Black Series Japanese Knife Set, you get four different knives in the package. These are a chef’s knife, a santoku knife, a utility knife, and an herb knife. All of these knives have their own uses so that you can choose the appropriate variant for the particular meal that you plan to cook.

How do the different knives work, then? Well, the former chef’s knife is a bit of an all-around knife that can be used for most things such as vegetables, meat, and fish.

On the other hand, a santoku knife is made to be especially effective when it comes to working with fish and vegetables. An herb knife is best used when chopping small vegetables or herbs as this knife has a relatively small size.

Last but not least, we have a utility knife that works like a fillet knife. It is smaller than a chef’s knife but larger than an herb knife, so it will suit all jobs requiring something in between.

Black Series Japanese Knife Set Vs. Market

With so many different knife sets on the market, what is it that makes the Black Series Japanese Knife Set so special? With its 67 layers of carbon steel and an impressive forging method, this results in knives with a high HRC.

While ordinary kitchen knives usually have an HRC of 55, the knives in this set can offer as much as 62 HRC. In other words, the knives are really hard and robust so that you can enjoy the set for many years without any problems.

With four different knives to choose from in the set, you can also be sure that you always have that perfect knife close at hand, regardless of which cooking project is in front of you.

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