Fresh Fingers – Quickly Treats Fungal Infection

A day spent at the pool, tight and uncomfortable shoes, synthetic socks and public showers is all factors that favor the appearance of fungal infection.

You’re probably wondering what these things have in common, but the answer is straightforward. The skin of the foot does not breathe properly as it should in inappropriate footwear and wearing socks made of synthetic materials, perspiration actively contributes to the formation of a favorable environment for mycoses.

The same goes for the pool or public showers if you go barefoot. People who already have such a contagious infection may pass by or there may be several bacteria that can infiltrate the nail or the skin of the foot.

To not worry about what you are wearing or how you choose to enjoy a summer day, a team of dermatologists has developed the natural spray formula, Fresh Fingers.

A fast and straightforward way to treat fungal infections in the middle of mild stages to reduce the unpleasant symptoms and prevent any type of infection in the future.

It is straightforward to apply and does not affect the health of the skin of the foot in any way. On the contrary, it has beneficial effects on the tissues due to the unique complexity of natural ingredients.

The Effects of Fresh Fingers on the Feet

Fungal infections are manifested by the degradation of the toenail structure, usually from the thumb. It turns yellow at the edges, then may turn darker greenish to black.

In most cases, the nail is wholly exfoliated and a new nail can grow after proper treatment. Symptoms also include itching in the skin of the foot, darkening of the skin between the toes, an unpleasant odor and excessive drying of the skin.

Fresh Fingers effectively fights the symptoms of fungal infection and treats possible causes. It inhibits the growth of the fungus and neutralizes the environment in which it lives.

Significantly reduces itching and irritation of the feet from the first application. Affected nails begin to heal independently as soon as the fungal infection is stopped. This process can take a long time, at least 6 months, for a new nail to have time to grow.

Also, Fresh Fingers, applied before wearing, inhibit sweat production from the glands in the foot to avoid the formation of a favorable environment for fungi and thus avoid unpleasant odors. The skin of the foot is hydrated again as it should be. It stops exfoliating and gets a pleasant appearance.

How to Apply Fresh Fingers

Fresh Fingers are applied on dry and clean skin of the feet. It is recommended to spray before putting on shoes and before going to bed. A complete treatment should be at least 4 months. During this time, careful hygiene of the feet and wearing cotton socks, which are often changed, are recommended.

Footwear should be comfortable and allow the skin to breathe. It is advisable to wear slippers in the pool or public shower to avoid contact with other bacteria and not to infect other people.


Treated from an early stage, the fungal infection of the feet can be stopped in a few weeks. In this sense, a means of help is Fresh Fingers, with a unique formula, with immediate action, to neutralize the environment in which the bacterium grows.

Significantly reduces symptoms such as odor or irritated skin. The nail’s structure is restored and the growth of a healthy nail is stimulated. With a few sprays a day, you can maintain the health of your skin and toenails.

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