Motion Free – Say Goodbye to Back Pain

Back or joint pain can be a symptom of a condition such as osteoarthritis or osteochondrosis and the effects of prolonged sitting in the office chair or intense physical exertion.

Regardless of the causes, these pains can be felt from medium to vigorous intensity when they affect your daily activities and force you to rest completely. These types of pain are caused by severe inflammation of the cartilage or muscles, leading to swelling or redness of those areas.

Motion Free comes to the aid of all those who face these pains every day and cannot find any cure. The formula is a gentle, balm-like formula that penetrates the skin quickly and acts directly on the pain site within minutes. It is ideal for people with bone or joint disease and those who have such pain due to lifestyle.

Motion Free Effects on the Body

MotionFree has the quality of reducing pain almost instantly but at the same time acts as a treatment, if applied daily, according to the instructions. In this way, it helps to restore cartilage and prevents its degeneration.

It also helps support muscle tone, relaxes muscles, and prevents cramps or spasms, especially those resulting from intense physical exertion. The long-term effects of daily application of Motion Free are felt by keeping under control diseases such as osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis or rheumatism.

It is a much healthier alternative to the internal administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, which can cause kidney or liver problems over time. It is also a simple way to relieve pain for those allergic to ibuprofen or other recommended painkillers for most inflammations.

MotionFree has long been tested by a team of dermatologists and specialists in inflammatory diseases, reaching the final formula exclusively from organic ingredients. Motion Free does not have any side effects, even after prolonged use, unlike other local pain-relieving creams or gels.

Active Ingredients in Motion Free

MotionFree is one of the few pain relief products that rely strictly on natural ingredients. It does not contain any traditional analgesic, and the effects are similar to those of potent anti-inflammatory drugs. It is, therefore, an ideal alternative to several conventional pills and creams, without side effects or affecting the action of other drugs.


MotionFree is mainly based on the effects of menthol for instant pain relief and anti-inflammatory action. It has the effects of reducing swelling, treating irritated areas and restoring normal muscle function.

It is ideal for treating pain caused by arthritis, osteochondrosis and intense physical exertion. It is also suitable for reducing muscle spasms or muscle fever. Usually, peppermint oil is indicated in relieving migraines and local pain by applying it directly on the affected area, 2-3 times a day.

Methyl Salicylate

Methyl salicylate is a potent type of organic anti-inflammatory, often found in ointments for rheumatism, arthritis and muscle aches. It is applied locally to the problem area, the effect being very fast.

The pain is relieved, as is the swelling or irritation. At the same time, it stimulates blood circulation in the area and soothes inflammation. At the level of the muscles, contractions and spasms are reduced, inducing a state of relaxation.


This type of substance is of vegetable origin and is used to give the balm a light and delicate consistency. It helps the product to be absorbed quickly into the skin and the substances to act on the pain in a few minutes.

Polysorbate is often found in ointments and creams in the cosmetics industry for its pleasant consistency, increasing the quality of the product.

How to Use MotionFree

MotionFree is always applied to clean, dry skin. Massage well until the conditioner penetrates the skin. Avoid contact with water in that area for at least 1 hour after application. It can be used 2-3 times a day or as needed.

Due to its natural composition, MotionFree can be applied for more extended periods without any side effects. Helps relieve the symptoms of rheumatism, osteoarthritis or osteochondrosis.


Starting today, one product that can replace a whole bag of medicines can be yours. An alternative to ibuprofen and other chemical ointments is MotionFree. A natural conditioner made from organic ingredients, with a light consistency and quickly absorbed into the skin.

It can be applied to any area of ​​the body where you feel pain in immediate action. It has the quality of reducing the symptoms of osteoarthritis or osteochondrosis, slowing the evolution of the disease if applied daily.

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