Pulse of Life – the Energy and Vitality You Need Every Day

Every day we are subjected to stress at work physical and mental fatigue, with undesirable effects on general health. Insufficient rest and unhealthy eating lead to decreased average energy and vitality.

We can no longer concentrate so well, and with age, we notice memory impairment and the appearance of degenerative diseases.

There are, of course, several supplements designed to invigorate the body and give it energy, but the effects are often temporary and not as strong as we need.

A team of US specialists has developed a unique bracelet, Pulse of Life, which improves the body’s biomagnetic field, which leads to increased energy levels, detoxification of the body, better absorption of nutrients and performance. Better mentally and physically.

The bracelet contains tourmaline crystals and volcanic ash powder to restore the body’s energy balance.

The Effects of Pulse of Life on the Body

One effect of wearing the Pulse of Life bracelet daily is to increase your energy level, both mentally and physically. It is excellent for those who want to maintain an active lifestyle, go to the gym often or face problems with the body’s resistance to exertion.

As time goes on, Pulse of Life helps you regain your self-confidence by improving your physical strength endurance and contributing to muscle mass development.

At the same time, there are internal changes in the metabolism, which becomes faster and thus, fats are burned efficiently to produce even more energy.

The Pulse of Life bracelet is an essential accessory for those who want to reshape their figure and need a physical and mental boost.

The increase in energy levels is also felt sexually by improving erections, intensifying sexual desire and orgasms of both partners. It is a good remedy for men who have erectile dysfunction and for women with fertility problems or hormonal imbalances.

Vitality is also given by improving blood circulation, making the sexual organs more sensitive and thus more receptive to pleasure stimuli. If both partners choose to wear Pulse of Life, the sexual experience will be highly intense and more pleasurable.

Restoring the energy flow to the body will avoid the appearance of premature signs of aging, the skin being longer protected from the effects of the passage of time. You will enjoy skin smooth with deep wrinkles, richer hair, no tendency to fall out and strong nails.

The body will eliminate all the toxins accumulated through food, air or drugs, being much more resistant to disease, with a more robust immune system.

The Materials From Which the Pulse of Life Bracelet Is Made

The bracelet’s base is durable silicone and is very delicate to the skin. The bracelet fits perfectly on any wrist without leaving marks or causing discomfort.

The interior contains volcanic ash powder, which activates the body’s detoxification process. This prevents the accumulation of toxins, heavy metals or other harmful substances in the future and, in addition, facilitates the absorption of nutrients, which leads to better digestion and strengthens the immune system.

The other bracelet components are tourmaline crystals, which are extremely popular in various alternative remedies. It has been discovered that tourmaline has energy vibrations similar to those of the human body, hence the wide range of benefits.

It mainly stimulates cell regeneration, beneficial for people who want to speed up wound healing or recovery after surgery. When in contact with the skin, tourmaline crystals activate a process of purifying the body and strengthening the immune system.


Pulse of Life is a natural way to balance the body’s energy points. This way, you have increased protection against diseases, the immune system becomes more vital every day, and the body is purified of all toxins.

The metabolism is accelerated, which means intelligent fat burning, helping to produce more energy and maintain optimal weight. More strength, endurance and zest for life with a single bracelet!

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